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Woman Walking in Forest

Good Reads on Forest Bathing/Mindfulness

I've compiled a list of my favorite books and resources if you would like to learn more about Forest Bathing and outdoor mindfulness.

"Your Guide To Forest Bathing" by M. Amos Clifford

A practical and very portable light weight guide with many invitations and ideas to explore the natural world.

"Last Child in the Woods", by Richard Louv

A book rich in ideas that fueled the children and nature movement.

"Rewilding: Mediations, Practices, and Skills for Awakening in Nature" by Micah Mortali, Founder Kripalu School for Mindful Outdoor Leadership

Includes the what and the how of a mindful outdoor experience as well as reclaiming ancestral outdoor skills.

Ming Kuo, "How Might contact with Nature Promote Human Health? Promising Mechanisms and a Possible Central Pathway." Frontiers in Psychology 6 (August 2015).

More on Outdoor Mindfulness: Welcome
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