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Sunset in the Woods


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Testimonials: Testimonials

Participating in a mindful walk with Suzy showed me a new way to reconnect with the outdoor world that I love.  It was a great experience!

Eric, Nassau, NY

As we stood there all wrapped up in our own lives and heads, Suzy told us to really listen to the sounds of nature around us.  The birds chirping.  The rustle of the wind through the grass.  The creaking and groaning of the tall trees.  Or even the way the sun shone through those same trees nourishing the earth with its heat.  She then said that those exact sounds and noises are completely unique and will never be heard in that same exact way again.  I found myself fascinated with this idea and nothing could have brought me back to myself and the present more.  I felt completely grounded and mindful in that one special moment.  I find myself thinking of that moment often and have Suzy to thank for that. I can’t wait to get back on another nature walk to have that experience again but this time with a whole new bunch of different sounds all equally amazing and unique.  I couldn’t recommend Suzy and her nature walk more!

Heather W., East Greenbush, NY

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