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Upcoming Walks and Experiences

Come walk with me!

From guided group walks and one-on-one outdoor sessions, I tailor the experience to the season, the weather and the groups' needs to help you achieve your personal goals. Upcoming experiences:

Saturday, June 3rd

Mt. Greylock Visitors Center

1-3 pm, Spring Mindful Walk

For more info, you may visit the Mt. Greylock Facebook page or call the Visitor Center at 413-499-4262

Friday, June 9th 

Schodack Island State Park

10:00 am -11:30

Suggested donation: $20

Saturday, June 24th 

Schodack Island State Park

9:30-11 am

Suggested donation: $20

Sunday, July 16th 

Albany Pine Bush

Mindful Mornings Walk

9 am -11 am

Suggested donation: $25

Coming in August – Special Event

Mt. Greylock Visitors Center

9:30 am– 12:30 pm, Summit Yoga Hike and Mindful Experience

Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Schodack Island State Park

Time TBD

Mindful Outdoor Experience

Schodack Island Fall Festival

Past Experiences:

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Mt. Greylock Visitors Center

1-3 pm, Signs of Spring Mindful Walk

Relieve stress, breathe fresh air and get moving with this 2 hour outdoor experience in nature.  Disconnect from all screens on this 1-2 mile walk which incorporates meditation, mindful breathing, guided walking and an invitation to gain inspiration from the living earth! Through invitations and prompts I will help you settle your awareness in nature’s forgiving atmosphere.  Message me for more information :) Pre-registration required. Needs based donation.


Mindful Outdoor Walk

Lower stress, reconnect with nature

Live a life filled with passion, meaning, and fulfillment by taking part in a guided Group Walk. Saunter through nature and experience the benefits of Forest Bathing.   Discover what a heightened sense of awareness and reconnecting to nature can do for you.


1:1 Mindful Outdoor Experience

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're looking to increase wellness, build self-confidence or reduce stress, I can tailor an individual session for you incorporating the aspects of nature that are most appealing to you.  Together we can tailor the length, location, theme and time of day to meet your needs. Message me to find out how you can take a step toward your self-care!

Getting in touch is the first step on the path toward reconnecting with nature and feeling alive!

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